Label Certibruit : les livraisons de nuit certifiées silencieuses comme solution pour le bien-être des populations et le respect de l’environnement
« Transport urbain : les livraisons de nuit comme solution pour le bien-être des populations » Le transport de marchandises en ville est un besoin vital dans les agglomérations. Toutefois, les flux créés ont des externalités négatives sur la qualité de vie de la population.
Tout d’abord, les français considèrent le bruit comme la première nuisance environnementale les dérangeant dans leur domicile, notamment le bruit de trafic routier. Ensuite, le transport est en partie responsable du rejet de particules fines dans l’air. Enfin, le transport participe aux émissions de gaz à effet de serre (GES).
"Urban transport: night deliveries as a solution for the well-being of populations"
The transport of goods in the city is a vital need in urban areas. However, the flows created have negative externalities on the quality of life of the population. First of all, the French consider noise as the first environmental nuisance disturbing them in their homes, in particular noise from road traffic. Transport is also partly responsible for the release of fine particles into the air. Finally, transport contributes to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Silent night deliveries are a serious alternative to reconciling city supplies, respect for local residents and ambient air quality. Indeed, a time delay to deliver overnight, when the road network is almost empty, avoids increasing congestion and pollution.
The Certibruit association has developed the "Night deliveries respectful of residents and the environment" label to enable distribution and catering professionals present in city centers to certify that their deliveries are respectful of residents.
Certibruit requires the use of clean and silent transport and handling equipment, the training of personnel and the layout of delivery sites. These rules are regularly checked and a telephone line is available to residents in the event of any complaint.
The Certibruit association therefore offers a model capable of guaranteeing economic performance and respect for public health and the environment.
This model is based on two strategies: a time delay to deliver at night, when the road network is almost empty, which avoids increasing congestion and pollution; and the use of large, silent trucks, which are less polluting than light commercial vehicles, given their large carrying capacity and modern motorization.
Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and more than 12 major cities in France have already committed to this approach and are now granting exceptions to their delivery regulations for sites engaged in the Certibruit label.