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La production locale comme levier pour lutter contre la précarité alimentaire
Fort du soutien du Ministère de l’Europe et des affaires étrangères, France urbaine, en partenariat avec RESOLIS, a décidé de réaliser une étude intitulée « Les villes face aux défis de la précarité alimentaire ».Celle-ci rassemble 21 contributions de métropoles, grandes villes et agglomérations, qui permettent d’identifier, à travers des initiatives concrètes, de quelle manière elles agissent contre la précarité alimentaire.*
La fiche « la production locale comme levier pour lutter contre la précarité alimentaire » revient sur l’expérience du Plan Alimentaire...
With the support of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, France urbaine, in partnership with RESOLIS, decided to carry out a study entitled "Cities facing the challenges of food insecurity". This document gathers 21 contributions from metropolises, large cities and agglomerations, which make it possible to identify, through concrete initiatives, how they act against food insecurity.
The factsheet "local production as a lever to fight food insecurity" enhances the experience of the PAT (Plan Alimentaire Territorial aka “local food project”) of the metropolis Aix-Marseille Provence.
The Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis is unique. The largest metropolitan area in France, twice the size of that of London, it incorporates agricultural, urban and industrial spaces within the same territory. An attractive region and a magnet for tourists, it is a leading export gateway thanks to its port, which is the largest in France. A young Metropolis, it is conscious of the need to protect its natural areas from fast-growing urbanisation.
Its natural and renewable resources (sun, sea, wind, arable land, water, terroir) represent major assets and the engineer-ing sector is present to optimize their use.

With the core strategic aim of promoting sustainable food production, the Metropolis signed a PAT (Projet Alimentaire Territorial - or local food project, a French initiative to reinforce local agriculture) The PAT identifies good practices implemented across the region with the primary goal of facilitating their dissemination